The Sarabande of Sara's Band (e-boek)

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ISBN : 9781909156715
Afgeprijsd € 7,95 Consumentenprijs € 9,95
Afgeprijsd € 7,95 Consumentenprijs € 9,95
Sarabande is a novel presented mostly through the rapid-fire interactions of the characters in one-on-one situations or in small groups. Most of the novel revolves around the male protagonist, the journalist Pavlo Dudnyk, who takes his schoolhood friend Sara Polonsky as his second wife. Sara, who blossomed from an inconspicuous overweight adolescent into a vivacious woman, used to mock him in school with the nickname Underbutt for his bony derriere that always needed padding on the classroom chairs. When Pavlo moves in with Sara, he doesnt realize at first that hes also married into her extended family, Saras band of Polonskys, with their myriad quirks and manifestations of peculiar behavior. The novel presents a number of small slices of life and is filled with lively repartee. There are many comic moments, and the novel is saturated with a great amount of word play and humor. It gives the reader a good deal of insight into the everyday lives, loves and tribulations of Ukrainians living today.
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Isbn 9781909156715
Titel The Sarabande of Sara's Band (e-boek)
Auteur's Larysa Denysenko
Bindwijze eBoek
Uitgeverij Vrije Uitgevers, De
Imprint Glagoslav Publications Ltd
Uitgifte datum 2013-06-06
Nur code 300
Taal Engels
Uitgave 1
Isbn van boek uitvoering 9781909156692
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