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Afgeprijsd € 17,45 Consumentenprijs € 18,95
etter at business English ? Vocabulary is designed to help you improve the quality of your written and spoken English. The tips offered here assist you in expanding your vocabulary so that you will be able to express yourself effectively. Step by step and assisted by exercises, you will learn how to identify relevant words and phrases and how to approach them. Examples include various types of text drawn from business, science and care sectors. Correct business English The Beter in ? / Better at ? series is unique in its highly accessible approach, with a minimum of theory and a maximum of directly usable guidelines and examples. This book has been written directly in English by a native speaker and a nearnative speaker, both of whom have extensive experience in academic programmes, higher education and the business world. Practice Each chapter starts with a brief description of its structure and main ?take-home? message, followed by clear sub-units and practical assignments. More practice material can be found on the AcademicX portal. A really practical tool Better at business English is written for students in the Netherlands in professional higher education (HBO). Thanks to its clear, compact layout, it is ideally suited for both classroom use and independent study. The combination of book and online portal make this product a really practical tool, based on the needs and wishes of teachers and students. Laetis Kuipers-Alting holds a university degree in English language and literature and is the owner of TaalAanBod. She works as a sworn translator, text editor and English language instructor for Taalcentrum-VU, (business) universities, research institutes, commercial companies and IVIO Wereldschool. Kathy Czako is the owner of Common Link English Language Training and Consulting. Following a career in the US in Marketing Management, Market Research, Advertising and Media, she moved on to become a Marketing/Business Development Director in the Netherlands in IT Market Research. Today she develops courses and trains business staff and students to help them improve their English and business communication skills.
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Isbn B9789039529447
Titel Better at business English - Bookshelf (Bookshelf e-boek)
Subtitel vocabulary
Auteur's Laetis Kuipers-Alting
Bindwijze Bookshelf
Uitgeverij Boom uitgevers Amsterdam
Imprint Boom
Uitgifte datum 2015-02-18
Nur code 113
Taal Engels
Aantal bladzijden 93.00
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