9789067326759 Confession of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross (e-boek)

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Afgeprijsd € 8,95 Consumentenprijs € 10,00
Confession of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross To the scholars of Europe Hail to the Reader! Here, 0 reader, you will find thirty-seven grounds on which our insight is based. Where they are interwoven in this Confession you may single them out and corn-pare them, at the same time discerning for yourself whether they appeal to you sufficiently. It must surely be our greatest concern to carry conviction with regard to what has not yet come to light, but when all this truly appears in the full light of day, our attempts at explanation will, it seems to me, be put to shame. And just as we now, without any risk, call the Pope antichrist, which formerly was a capital crime everywhere, so we know that what we here express in a veiled and hesitant manner, we shall in the future proclaim with louder voice. May, you, 0 reader, wholeheartedly desire, as we do, that this may come to pass right speedily! The Brotherhood of the Rosycross ISBN e-book: 9789067326759 ISBN paperbook: 9789067320375
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Isbn 9789067326759
Titel Confession of the Brotherhood of the Rosycross (e-boek)
Bindwijze eBoek
Uitgeverij Rozekruis Pers, Uitgeverij De
Uitgifte datum 2017-12-30
Nur code 720
Taal Engels
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