KeD?Si zenme le? (e-boek)

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Afgeprijsd € 8,25 Consumentenprijs € 9,95
KeD?Si zenme le? Zh? ben shu sh? guany? KeD?Si de. Ta sh? yizhi ke ?i de laoshu, d?n qu? you dian q?gu?i. KeD?Si you z?b?zh?ng, yinci ch?ngch?ng biaoxi?n chu h? q?ta laoshu b? y?y?ng. Ta zhouw?i de d?duo sh? laoshu dou ju?d? ta n?nyi lijie. X?nghao KeD?Si you liangge p?ngyou, tamen r?nwei KeD?Si de yuzh?ngb?t?ng hen youq?. D?w?i Bat? (yijiujiuba) hu?nyou yasib?g? zongh?zh?ng, z?b?zh?ng de y?zhong. Ta z?i henxiao de sh?h?u ji? kaishi hu?hua. Z?i zh? ben shu zhong, ta y?ng zh?ge tianf?n l?i jiesh? ta suo hu?nyou de z?b?zh?ng sh? sh?nme y?ngzi de. D?iw?i y?ng z?ji de fangsh? mi?oxie le z?b?zh?ng de shenghu? sh? sh?nme y?ng de, b?ng t?g?ng le xiangguan de x?nxi h? ji?ny?. Wo ba zh? ben shu tuiji?n gei mei w?i xiang g?ngduo li?ojie h? lijie z?b?zh?ng de r?n. This book is about Curtis. He is a very sweet ratboy, but he is also a bit weird. Curtis has autism and therefore often behaves differently from other rats. Most rats around him find that difficult to understand. Fortunately Curtis has two friends who think it is fun that he is different. David Barth (1998) has Asperger syndrome, a type of autism. He started drawing when he was very young. In this book he uses that talent to explain what it is like for him to have autism. In this book David shows in his own way what it is like to live with autism. Relevant information and practical advice was also added. I recommend this book to everyone who wants to know and understand more about autism.
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Isbn 9789077219591
Titel KeD?Si zenme le? (e-boek)
Auteur's Inge Barth-Wagemaker
Bindwijze eBoek
Uitgeverij Vrije Uitgevers, De
Imprint FortMedia Uitgeverij
Uitgifte datum 2012-05-08
Nur code 100
Taal Onbekend
Aantal bladzijden 74.00
Uitgave 1
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