9789082681055 The new wellness coach (e-boek)

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Afgeprijsd € 7,75 Consumentenprijs € 7,99
THE STORY Ron goes through a whole lot at the beginning of his part time career. He experiences the power of good communication and learns why coaching is critical. He also discovers the true story behind promotions. Thibo offers him loads of insights about setting goals, dream boxes, royaties, keeping your life in balance... But even all these does not prevent the fact that Ron goes through ups and downs. Along the way, he discovers, however, that this is all part of the process of personal growth. Ron realizes that good planning, followed by disciplined action, makes the difference between failure and success. Be a sheep or become a lion king? It all starts with making that decision.
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Isbn 9789082681055
Titel The new wellness coach (e-boek)
Subtitel Part 2 of Trilogy
Bindwijze eBoek
Uitgeverij Pumbo.nl B.V.
Imprint Wels International
Uitgifte datum 2017-08-11
Nur code 100
Taal Engels
Aantal bladzijden 107.00
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