Best practice IT Outsourcing (e-boek)

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Afgeprijsd € 32,95 Consumentenprijs € 36,24
The globalization and development of the network society meant that extensive IT outsourcing activity was inevitable. At first, the main reason was cost reduction, but toda?'s organizations have to do offshoreoutsourcing for other reasons as well.However outsourcing is no simple task and practical guidance based on extensive experience can be hard to find. A number of companies have invested heavily in continually refining their outsourcing skills to achieve best practice.This book takes their valuable experience and expertise and now makes it available to a much larger audience. What's more, this Best Practice is so important that it has been developed into courseware and training dedicated to those who need to make outsourcing work. The PON (Platform Outsourcing Netherlands) provides courses on the Basics of Sourcing for their members, and this book represents the most important aspects of these. The course trainers are all experts from organizations connected to PON and their detailed course notes and skills have all contributed to this unique title. This ground-breaking text is also suitable as a manual for college students in their third year,specially students in Informatics, Management Science, Law and Human Resource Management. A passing knowledge of ITIL and/or ISO/IEC 20000 is helpful to readers.
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Isbn 9789087536183
Titel Best practice IT Outsourcing (e-boek)
Subtitel an introduction
Auteur's G.P.A.J. Delen, , ,
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Uitgeverij Van Haren Publishing
Uitgifte datum 2012-04-04
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