ABC of ICT: the exercise workbook (Bookshelf e-boek)

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€ 21,95
ABC stands for the Attitude, Behavior and Culture within IT organizations. ABC is like an Iceberg, much of it hidden beneath the surface, yet capable of inflicting enormous damage to your IT organization, or more importantly, your business! With the growing importance of IT to business operations we can no longer afford to have our ITSM improvement programs and initiatives fail because of Attitude, Behavior or Culture issues. The Exercise Workbook gives practical exercises you can do within a real training or team sessions whilst using the ABC of ICT Card Deck. Together they make an awareness and assessment instrument to be used in team meetings and workshops to perform a number of exercises aimed at recognizing and discussing ABC worst practices that need solving in YOUR organization. The ABC of ICT Introduction book (sold separately) will then give help and tips for solving. We also have a website where people can give feedback on the book, share exercises and case studies and where they can find a list of training and consulting companies that deliver ABC of ICT products and services.
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Isbn B9789087537678
Titel ABC of ICT: the exercise workbook (Bookshelf e-boek)
Auteur's Paul Wilkinson
Bindwijze Bookshelf
Uitgeverij Van Haren Publishing
Uitgifte datum 2013-07-10
Nur code 982
Taal Engels
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