9789401804585 Privacy & Data Protection Essentials Courseware - English (e-boek)

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Afgeprijsd € 62,45 Consumentenprijs € 68,12
esides the Privacy & Data Protection Essentials Courseware - English (ISBN: 978 940 180 457 8) publication you are advised to obtain the publication EU GDPR, A pocket guide (ISBN: 978 1 849 2855 5). Privacy & Data Protection Essentials (PDPE) covers essential subjects related to the protection of personal data. Candidates benefit from a certification that is designed to impart all the required knowledge to help ensure compliancy to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation affects every organization that processes European Union personal data. Wherever personal data is collected, stored, used, and finally deleted or destroyed, privacy concerns arise. With the European Union GDPR the Council of the European Union attempts to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the European Union. Within the European Union regulations and standards regarding the protection of data are stringent. The GDPR came into effect in May 2016 and organizations had until May 2018 to change their policies and processes to ensure that they fully comply with the GDPR. Companies outside Europe also need to comply the GDPR when doing business in Europe. One of the solutions to comply on the GDPR is to train and qualify staff. Certified professionals with the right level of knowledge will help your organization to comply the GDPR. The EXIN Privacy & Data Protection program covers the required knowledge of legislation and regulations relating to data protection and how this knowledge should be used to be compliant. The EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Essentials is part of the EXIN qualification program Privacy and Data Protection.
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Isbn 9789401804585
Titel Privacy & Data Protection Essentials Courseware - English (e-boek)
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