B9789460946592 Keep Moving, Towards Sustainable Mobility (Bookshelf e-boek)

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€ 46,95
The focus of this book is on the environmental impact of mobility and how to reduce this before 2050. It provides policy makers with a broad and multifaceted inspiration to develop effective policies on sustainable mobility based on scientific evidence. Different visions and facets to solutions are put forth by world-renowned experts.Leading international researchers and authors provided contributions on a wide range of topics in the field of sustainable mobility. The book has been edited by Bert van Wee (Netherlands), professor of Transport Policy and Logistics at Delft University of Technology. It also contains a reflection on a EU study commissioned by the Rli. The book ends with a description of inspiring cases of multinationals who integrated sustainable mobility in their corporate visions.The Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure has published this book of essays to coincide with the conference `Keep moving, towards sustainable mobility, which has been held on 11 October 2012 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
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Isbn 9789460946592
Titel Keep Moving, Towards Sustainable Mobility (Bookshelf e-boek)
Subtitel towards sustainable mobility
Bindwijze Bookshelf
Uitgeverij Boom uitgevers Den Haag
Imprint Eleven international publishing
Uitgifte datum 2012-11-12
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Taal Engels
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