About officers and gentlemen (e-boek)

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€ 4,95
Volume 7 in the Special Collages Edition of Wellington's Officers Series: Lizzie Montgomery, Marchioness of Lorna and Kintyre has been called to London by her brother-in-law Randolph Montgomery, Duke of Rothford to do her duty to the ducal line by getting an heir with her estranged husband John Montgomery. At first she seems successful in getting her husband to be with her, but John's violent and passionate behaviour towards her results into another estrangement. Lizzie starts to mix, at last, at her former lover Lochiel Cameron's urgings, into Polite Society. It needs the interference of Kit Andover, viscount Brondemeire and his aristocratic family to get Lizzie and John together again, although the family faces problems of their own, when Attelante and Aline Fairfax, Kit's sisters-in-law are forced into prestigious marriages with older men.
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Isbn 9789492980724
Titel About officers and gentlemen (e-boek)
Auteur's Constance J. Hampton
Bindwijze eBoek
Uitgeverij HamptonJones Books & Stone
Imprint Hermesse James Boekerij
Uitgifte datum 2019-10-26
Nur code 342
Taal Engels
Aantal bladzijden 498.00
Uitgave 1
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